Our Staff

Katie Christenson, Director of Champions of AgingChampions of AgingSM is led by Executive Director Katie Christenson, Ed.D. In this role, Katie is responsible for all facets of the Champions of Aging program. She is committed to helping create a society that values the aging community and enjoys building partnerships and working in collaboration with the community. Prior to Champions of Aging, Katie worked in higher education for the past 18 years with experience in student recruitment, academic success, retention and fundraising. In December, Katie will graduate with her doctorate in educational leadership with an emphasis in healthcare. Katie earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from Creighton University and her doctorate from Nebraska Methodist College.

Katie believes that service can engage individuals in the most pressing issues of society, creating future advocates devoted to the betterment of our community and world.

Connect with Katie to further discuss the Champions of Aging program at [email protected] or 402-403-5581.