We are excited you are interested to learn more about Champions of AgingSM as a paid service year opportunity.

We are looking for IMPRESSIVE TALENT who have a strong blend of leadership experience, respect for diversity, an openness to growth, a passion for social change, and a belief that aging is an important phase of life and should be treated with dignity and respect. Whether or not you enter a direct service field following your service year experience, you will leave with a greater understanding of the aging process and tools TO BE AN AGING ADVOCATE no matter what field you enter.


About Us

At Champions of Aging, our goal is to build a future workforce that has an understanding and appreciation for the complexities and individuality of the aging process. We’re working to accomplish this goal by offering paid service year opportunities, both full and part time, to students in college and to recent college graduates.

Join us as we work to IGNITE THE FLAME of the next generation OF AGING ADVOCATES.


Aging and the Need for Champions of Aging

In the United States alone, 10,000 people per day turn 65. By the year 2050, there will be more than 2 billion people in the world over the age of 60. A massive demographic shift is underway globally, which will lead to there being more older people than younger people for the first time in the history of the planet.

Current delivery systems, such as healthcare, education, and transportation, are built for the world’s existing structure. Without adjustment, the world will be impacted in significant ways. Nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies will all need leaders who understand aging as a global concern.

Champions of Aging seeks to build a future workforce of aging advocates who can help lead within their own organizations and communities and offer creative solutions to expanding the world’s capacity to care.

10,000 people per day turn 65

+2 Billion people in the world will be over the age of 60, by 2050